SOPs + Checklists + AI: Ready to Go, Wherever you go.

Everyone works faster when they have SOPs and Checklists that are 1 click away.

  • Wherever you go: from Amazon to Zoom
  • Hundreds of SOPs are included
  • Or write your own with AI Assist built on Open AI
Get Started!

SOPbox Solo is free to use forever


SOPs that travel the web with you

SOPbox is a Chrome extension which attaches to the right side of your browser

Ready to Go

  • SOPbox is just 1 click away.
  • It is always available on the right side of your Chrome browser
  • Don't need it right now? Just click and it slides away.

Wherever You Go

  • SOPbox works on all web sites.
  • Need the SOP for your e-commercestore? No problem, it's ready
  • How to enter a payment in your accounting program? We're there.

With OpenAI GPT-4 Assist

  • You can finally document your business.
  • Not sure what the best practice is or just need some help? Use our AI assist.

SOPbox comes with a starter set of 100+ SOPs that cover...


...and more!


Use OpenAI GPT-4 to Document Your Business

You can get a draft version of an SOP in about a minute

Write the Title, Click the Button

SOPbox AI immediately starts thinking. In about a minute it returns:

  • A Description and Background and any requirements that might be needed.
  • And a detailed listing of each and every step.

Make It Yours

  • OpenAI GPT-4 isn't perfect (but it is amazingly good!)
  • And it doesn't know what you know. So we make it easy to edit and customize the SOPs and Checklists so that they fit YOUR business and YOUR needs.

Uses OpenAI GPT-4

  • We use the latest and most powerful AI engine from Open AI so you can generate the best possible SOPs
  • And you can create as many as want in every version of SOPbox.
  • Beat the “Empty Page!” Use SOPbox to quickly document your business today.

“We built SOPbox because we had to. We needed a way for the team to easily follow our systems.”

~ Steve Simonson, Serial Entrepreneur


Pricing Plan

SOPbox Solo

Perfect for small companies or for trials

Free- forever!

What's Included

  • 100+ SOPs & Checklists
  • Unlimited Custom SOPs and Checklists
  • 20 SOPbox AI assists /mo for SOP creation
  • 1 User - Free Forever

SOPbox Pro (Monthly)

Accountability and Reporting for teams

$10/mo/user - 5 user minimum

What's Included

  • Everything in SOPbox Solo
  • Assign SOPs and Checklists for accountability
  • Unlimited SOPbox AI assists for SOP creation
  • 30-day Free Trial

SOPbox Pro (Yearly)

Accountability and Reporting for larger teams

$100/year/user - 5 user minimum

What's Included

  • Everything in SOPbox Pro
  • Save 17%

About Us

Hi, We're Parsimony! We're developers of an ERP system focused on e-commerce companies. Having worked with multiple businesses, we know how hard it can be to get a team to follow the tried and true best practices that make a company run smoothly.

That's why we invented SOPbox.

It helped us to provide the step-by-step instructions that we needed for our own systems. The best part is that using SOPbox never feels like an additional chore. Thanks to its unique ability to tag along with you to every website, you won't be wasting time switching back-and-forth between tabs while you complete important tasks.

And with the addition of AI we know you will be able to build the SOPs and Checklists that you need to document your business.

Contact us at [email protected] for any questions.